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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

The enemy is trying to distract you from sin and death with those fiery arrows of doubt. The smoke in your eyes and the fire on your clothes is blinding you from reality of the fire on your heart. Every day we live we are dying, dying not only physically but often spiritually. We need to be dead to this world and alive in Christ. But many times it is the opposite, we are living from deadly worldly dreams and dark evil passions. Everything we do apart from God in this life is meaningless. All your acheivements and sacrifices you pursued will be a memorial gravestone dedicated to you. If that's all you want than I will drop roses for the memory of your name. But Im looking to honor the King of the Glory for His Sacrifice for me. I want my life to be a Rose at the feet of Jesus. In The Heavenly Places where angels trot, may my life's mission put a smile on His Face. If I die before He comes again, may the smell of my roses be a sweet fragrance of faith when He comes to take me home. Amen. 

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