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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Oh Lord I want to love people because of their differences. To pay attention when they talk, and smile at the things that make them joyful. To take time to notice there talents and encourage them in their weaknesses. Let me not forget to remind them there are loved. Tall, small, black or white, quiet or adventurous, healthy or sick, Christian or Atheist, oh my Lord, let me love my neighbor the way you love us. Yes Lord even the stranger, even my enemy needs to see the Love of God in me. Help me to leave my gleanings after the harvest for the poor and soujourner. To not steal from my neighbor their dignity and lie about them in secret. To have compassion for the deaf and not cause my blind neighor to fall. Let jealously and revenge be far from me and let me show honor to my fellow man. I know if I want to see your face Jesus I must be holy like you are. To be in perfect relationship with you is growing in holiness and also in love for my brother and my sister. Amen.

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