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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

We must learn to be strong, even when we have troubles. In our troubles we must be committed to prayer and not doubt. Committed to joy and not anger. Strength is a muscle and is made weak with any type of strain to the body. So it is with our spirit, we need to keep ourselves under the shadow of the Almighty during scorching seasons of life. We must learn to advise well, even when people oppose us. Our advise should be given in weakness and not pride. It should be walked out in love so those who need a word can humbly receive it. Our advise should be rooted in prayer and not quick moment of thought. We must teach God’s message, even if people hate us. People need the hope of the Gospel. But it is a sword to anything in there lives that is not of God. We must share Christ even if it makes us look weak and foolish to the world. The Gospel is to be received by faith so any human help we add to it makes our testimony weak. Let us live out the Gospel in it's purest form and trust God will reveal Himself to the hearts of people. Consistent faith is strength and it is how we please God. Do not become weak by people pleasing as well as religious perfection.  

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