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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

My father passed away recently and I catch myself calling out to him Papa. It made me think about how God could have revealed Himself in any other way but He chose to reveal Himself as Father, Son, Holy Spirit. God created us in His Image and I can't help but cry out for my mother and my father sometimes. Even as a grown man a child desires his parents. Maybe it's because its the relationship God chose to have with His human creation. To call out Father and hear His Voice in our hearts. Isn't it ironic that God never becomes more real than when your in personal relationship. Even though we don't see Him, we see Him more clearly when we call out Abba Father. My heart floods with Peace and my legs become weak needing to humbly prayer in honor. Honor your mother and your father and you will live many days. Honor your Heavenly Father by trusting in Jesus and you will live forever.  

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