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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

There are only two creatures that have seen me fully naked. My wife and my dog. And my dog falls asleep while waiting for me in the shower. Nothing to see here. And really our bodies were meant to be sacred. Despite popular opinion, only God can see man naked and not be ashamed. When we chose to see each other physically naked we chose to see like God. The problem with that is you are not God. Your flesh has weak eyes and does not have the sacred vision to see the true beauty of a human. Look at the animals they don't need clothes, they live naked before God and man. Ask the lion where is your clothes and it will tell you they don't need clothes. They have no shame, creation only suffers in vain for humans rebellion. Even then the lion lives and moves and has its being fully clothed with the purpose of God. All creatures on Earth besides humans live and die for purpose. The lamb is quiet when led to the slaughter! It says your will be done. The lion eating it's prey says your will be done. The bee gathering it's nectar says, your will be done. What a humbling way to live totally trusting in God even in a dangerous environment. To live pure and naked in a fully shamed and clothed world. I can't wait to live in God's Presence fully clothed in Christ but naked in soul before my God. 

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