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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

If your not loving your spouse like Christ loves his church your missing the whole point of marriage. Yes through human history marriage has evolved. Many times just for procreation, politics and in the name of love for sure. But this sacred vow has been watered down over time and it has lost it's meaning. I believe Jesus restored it's value on the Cross. He gave His life for His Church. A bride not ready for a wedding but an engagement that Jesus Christ would offer to all who believe. His Love for us is so powerful that we can only understand it by His Grace and Mercy. He chose the imagery, the concept of marriage to show us what Love is and who is Love. Take the love chapter 1 Cor. 13 and put the word I in each passage. You will see the love Jesus has for us and expects for us to have for each other. In heaven He says we will not marry or be given into marriage. Symbolically Jesus calls Himself the Bridegroom and those who trust in Christ His Bride. He is purifying Himself a bride for a wedding ceremony that will take place in heaven. Our responsibility during this betrothal period is to be faithful to Him. He provides for our dress, chapel, and dinner party. Just as there was a betrothal period in biblical times during which the bride and groom were separated until the wedding. So is the bride of Christ separate from her bridegroom during the church age. Jesus has chosen us to be his bride and it is a call of salvation for all. No other man wants to marry us only court us, use us, and make us concubines. Jesus is not like the world or the enemy of our souls. He wants to give us a home, a heavenly city called the New Jerusalem. A place to know love and be loved for eternity. Soon and very soon at his divine rapture the wedding ceremony will begin. Till then we have this awesome gift of marriage that has been revitalized by the Cross. To show the love of Christ for us through our marriages. To proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ as we love our spouse as Christ loves his bride. You are doing a disservice to your marriage and to the Gospel when you follow the desires of your heart and of the world. Let the world have there ways and traditions but you hold on to what is sacred since the beginning of creation. And not only hold on to it but live out the Gospel through this gift of marriage. If you do this it would change your marriage, and your relationship with your spouse would be a joy in the Lord. In the past you thought about marriage of what it could do for you. Whether it be esteem, sex, children, or other selfish desires. Time has come that marriage be sacred again between man and woman so that the Gospel could be lived out. Jesus was born from a woman and was provided for by his earthly father. Because of this mystery revealed we are now born of the Spirit and provided for by our Heavenly Father. We have this gift of marriage to proclaim the salvation of Christ to all that would hear. Jesus wants to put a ring on your finger and be apart of The Kingdom of God. Meditate Eph. 5:25-29

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