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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Our righteousness is like the washing of our hands. Never cleaned perfectly maybe in a rush, hands never dried staining our clothes, never enough soap to much idleness or maybe to much soap for our own good. Then we go and get our hands dirty right out the door by touching a knob touched by people who forgot to wash their hands. Also we scratch our heads, pick our noses and pet our dogs who just came from playing in dirt. We truly can't keep our hands clean especially our lives. Jesus got his hands dirty and his feet dirty for us. He washed the feet of his disciples, healed the withered hand, touched the leper, even was baptized to fulfill all righteousness. It is good to wash your hands and keep a cleanliness about you. But thank God my salvation isn't about how clean I am both inside and out. Jesus is our clean linen, our fresh sweet aroma rising from our hearts. You have to hold your nose pretty high so you don't smell the reek of spiritual death in your heart and mind. So many people around us smell good on the outside and reek of death on the inside. And yes I have met people who haven't showered in days that have a sweet smelling aroma of the spirit of Christ. Jesus makes you so clean, so pure, so loved.  

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