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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Weather can be determined by just the look of the eye. In these days our national weather service can give a 5-10 day forecast. In 2013 they correctly predicted that there would be precipitation the next day 82 percent of the time. We can see the signs of times we are living in by the reading of scripture. A person who doesn't believe  in God is shocked by lifes trials and  tribulations. The torrential rainfall and heavy winds takes the nonbeliever by surprise. But to a believer we trust in God and in His Word to give an accurate forecast of the times we are living in as well as our own spiritual lives. The weather is unpredictable just like things that happen in our lives, but you can get a perspective to be ready for stormy weather. We need to be in the study of  God's word to prepare life's storms. We should not be surprised when a storm front is coming. From relationship with Christ and the reading of the Word we should know where to take shelter. Shelter in the Almighty under His Wings. Yes winter is here but we know spring is coming soon because of the Spirit flowing the Living Word into our hearts. You can be a weatherman for the Lord. Pray for spiritual rain in the hearts of those who are in a dry and thirsty life.  

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