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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Without the love of God for us we would not be able to love God or our neighbor. If God was to remove His Love from the world it would self destruct. Human hearts would grow cold and there minds would become corrupt. Every evil thing imaginable would be possible and people would groan along with the earth subjected to futility. Animals would be extinct because of man's wastefulness. Vegetation and waters would be polluted because of idleness and greed. Even the Earth would be in chaos, climates out of sorts and land rumbling in travail. Jesus is holding all things together by the power of His Love. But sin and death are destroying God's perfect world. The greatest power in the universe is the love of Christ that is living in us and through us. We know that we have life. We know this because we love other Christians. Such love shows that we are God's children. We do not become Christians by our love. But love shows that we have become Christians. Those who do not love do not have this life. They remain in death. This is the opposite of life with God. Love is the evidence of life. But hate is the evidence of death. We can be part of the renewal of this world through Christ love or be apart of it's destruction through the hate of righteousness. Jesus your love is keeping this world together. Keep our faith in you together though the waters rage and mountains be thrown into the seas. We trust in the midst of chaos your love will see us through.

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