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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man.

You must drive the speed limit its the law. Do not keep up with the flow of traffic of this world. It will mislead you and cause you to go way pass the speed limit or even way under. You must pay attention to the speed limit and adjust your speed appropriately. There is a delicate balance of law and grace as you press the gas. Not enough grace and there is no power to even reach the speed limit. Too much grace and you have passed the speed limit and stepped your way into wilfull sin. In Christ we have the deposit of the Holy Spirit in our hearts. Allowing us to keep the law in our hearts and minds. We have what we need to respect and keep sacred the laws of God's Word. Yes before we were dead in our sins not able to follow the speed limit. But now in Christ we have forgiveness for all the accidents and tickets we have committed. We all deserved full justice of the law but have received peace with God and man through Christ. Your license to sin has been revoked. You can't claim ignorance or apathy. We all have been given the liscense to live again apart from our past mistakes. Look here comes a speed limit, a law of the Lord. Honor Christ and keep it sacred. Though you are not going to be perfect, you have the Grace needed in Jesus to live your life along the speed limit.   

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