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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

That feeling that surpasses a high, that emotional connection that stirs your body and soul, you give up for sinful pleasure instead for the Lord. When we give it up for fleeting pleasure our spirit is stunted and compromised. This is why drugs and alcohol become an addiction to us because we are chasing that which only God can fill. Nothing is worse than a hangover, a relapse or failed sobriety. This world and it's desires never fills and leaves such a hole of emptiness. Jesus is restoring that spiritual connection with humanity. He leaves no side effects only pure love with endless desires. Just His Name alone fills the heart with hope and joy in the Spirit. Many of us have given our spirit, our heart, our body to the things of the world. Jesus is cleansing us inside and out so we can experience pleasures forevermore. These pleasures are found in Christ, a new spirit that feels and knows the Presence of God. What a peace to have virtue flow out of you the same way Jesus did. Let us press towards the heart of God to hear His Heartbeat for us.

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