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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man

Little children love to make a mess everywhere they go. They play in dirt, paint with there hands, and leave behind their crumbs. If you have every been a parent to a child you know that they love to use your shirt to clean themselves. There blood, there sweat, there tears are quickly wiped away by our love and compassion for them. When we come running to our Heavenly Father with our failures and hurts. He picks us up, hugs us, cleans us, and tells us go back to our brother, our sister and share the Gospel of Jesus. Take a moment and look at your Heavenly Father's tshirt. See how much He cares for you and loves you. That time when you kicked him when you wanted your way. Or that time when you wanted to do something and made a mess of it with your own hands. Remember that time you fell in sin and scraped your heart. Yes He held you close to stop the bleeding and healed your soul. He is a great Father to you, even your crumbs He saves on his tshirt for you. In your busyness you forget to eat of the Living Word. But dont worry their is a chip on his shirt to remind you of His Faithfulness. Study Matt. 6:9-13

Please check out my tshirt design for this proverb on my Click on the Wisdom Tshirt of the Month. This design represents all the mess and dirt we leave on our Heavenly Father's tshirt.

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