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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

My eyes have drifted away from you oh Lord. Busy in the things of this world and living for everything under the sun. I have stopped calling you Father and treat you as Creator somewhere in the cosmos. Maybe good or bad, or indifferent. I started close to shore and now I am in deep waters wondering where you are. It's because I have drifted away from you. Keep my eyes, my heart, my mind focused on you. I am prone to wander in things that are not lovely, not worthy, and not pure. Jesus can you forgive me? I didn't mean to hurt you, I only meant to please myself but I hurt you in the process. You have never drifted away, you have always been close by my side. Even in my darkest moments you have filled me with your Presence. In the secret place we have drifted away together, having protected me from insanity. Thank you Jesus for your currents of love and grace bringing me back to your peaceful shore.

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