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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man.

Every year is a street light closer to your exit in life. Let us number our days accordingly and not speed through life. Take time to enjoy the scenery, like the rolling clouds and the swaying trees. Like the beautiful people walking by, yes smile at those driving by. Don't miss the deer leaping to sun or the squirrel jumping over the moon. Enjoy some music, make medley in your heart to the Lord. Hold your wife's hand and blow a gentle kiss her way. Listen to your child as they speak. Catch a glance at them in your rear view mirror, if just for a moment to have your eyes meet. Stick your hand out the window and high five the world. Be encouraged, be of good cheer Jesus has overcome this life. Where ever you are in this road of life, speeding will only cause accidents and delays. We have been given a speed limit to follow. So let us stay the course of faith and trust God will lead us through our final exit.  

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