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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man.

Open up a bottle to drink and let God take the first sip. You will realize you don't want all of it anymore because it's technically his, now that his lips have touched it. Also, you are amazingly so much more eager to share with others after God's first sip. You are supernaturally content with the rest of the drink feeling fuller. God in Christ knows how to take your thirst away. He took on human form and drank the cup of wrath against us. He has given us pure living water that flows first from Himself and then into us. We are full in purpose and meaning because of Jesus. It's the liberal soul that pops open a can, drinks everything all in one shot, and then belches saying I am still thirsty. They don't have enough spiritual drink to wash down the deep things of God. They are malnourished in need of real food and drink found only in dining with Christ. 

Study Rev. 3:20

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