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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

If you feed an appetite it doesn't go away. No matter how much you gorge yourself you will still be hungry in a little while. Who am I feeding, the beast in me or the Holy Spirit in me? Both are hungry, starving and want more of me. Only the Holy Spirit will bring life and self control, my flesh will do the opposite for me. Just because something taste good doesn't mean I should eat it. God has freely given me all things so that I can honor him with my body and spirit. I am not to misuse my freedom in Christ to eat of every fowl spirit under the sun. I am to have self control through the Holy Spirit and eat worthy of his holy calling. Jesus, not everything is beneficial for me, let me not put in my mouth things that would make you cringe in disgust. I must keep my temple clean for your Glory Jesus. I'm hungry for you, give me taste buds for your spiritual food. Your physical manna can only sustain me for so long, I need your Living Word to make me overflow with satisfication. Your real presence in the stomach of my life feeding me daily.

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