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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man.

What does it take for God to get your attention? For many of us he has to put us flat on our backs for us to look unto heaven. Sadly, tribulation and trial seem to make you even more distant from God. Emotional and selfish desires drive your day, never once to consider what God wants from you today. You drive by people that are less fortunate than you and take pity on them. Not realizing you yourself are poor, naked, miserable and blind. Yes we can feel sadness and sorrow over certain things in our lives. You may have all the right to complain and murmur for all the injustice you are experiencing. But this is where the Gospel needs to take shape in our lives. Jesus is the only hope for mankind. The sooner we understand this the quicker we can have meaning and purpose in a sinful world. I know it hurts right now, I know everything makes no sense. But we are in the land of living, and if there is still life in us let us find it in Christ. No worldly comfort can finally make you happy, only a relationship with Christ will do. Many go to there graves on their backs with an angry fist towards heaven. They never understood they were to rest and not strive for peace in souls. They died so restless that only death brought them rest, and not Jesus. What a hopeless eternity it will be for those who never abided in Christ. Study Rev. 3:17

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