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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man.

I am a naturalist. I push my dogs poop towards the plants and the trees. Unfortunately, I'm leaving it behind for others to step on and then bring it into their homes. In comparison, we must also be more spiritually discerning by cleaning up the manure we are dealing with in our hearts and minds. Manure like uncontrollable anger, jealousy and rage, hateful pride and envy. People we care about should not have to step on these things and be forced to bring it into their hearts and minds. A clean spirit within you is a house swept up and put in order. A living temple for Jesus to dwell in. As well as safe place for people to come and see the love of Christ. Just like a good wife tells you to pick up the dog poop. God is telling you through his Living Word that it's time to clean up your life. Study Luke 11:24-26

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