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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Oh to entertain an angel. To give consideration and attention to a messenger of the Lord without even knowing. Jesus, you send me comfort and hope in ways I could never imagine. Could it be, that stranger on the side of the road asking for food is giving me spiritual food. That stranger asking for shelter is giving me a shelter of peace in return. What if the stranger asking for money is trying to give me spiritual riches in Christ? I must not neglect to show hospitality to those around me. I need to show people that the house of God welcomes all. Let me not be a spoiled child and pick and chose who is beloved by the Father. His house His rules, and our physical homes as well I must use for Christ Glory. Without knowing I have welcomed angels into my life, my home, and my heart. I was unaware that my kindness towards a brother or sister could have been an angel of the Most High God! What a blessing to know that I was counted worthy to receive such a visit from the Lord. Now when I meet any stranger on the street I feel like this could be Jesus encouraging me through his angels. I look into the eyes of the stranger looking to see of any hints of the supernatural. I get alot of smiles back and hugs from many strangers I meet, thanking me for blessing them. Only in heaven will I know the times when warrior angels came to help me, to guide me, and show jusitce to me. Oh to be wise in this: Treat people as you would a christian, and love them as you love yourselves. Remember that you were once strangers in the land of the living. Then you found Christ who is the LORD your God. Meditate Heb. 13:2

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