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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

I came to the Cross filthy in my own sins. Wrinkled and desheveled with a selfish seared heart. The stench

of my bad attitude you could smell from far away. I came angry to the Cross for the life I was living, but I fell to my knees when I saw the spotless lamb of God on a pitiful Cross. I beat my chest, Lord why not just fix my life and send me on my way? Why this, why the Cross? Could their have not been another way? Like a lamb led to slaughter you said nothing, but took on my filth, my dirty rags, my sinful flesh and covered my shame. On the Cross, Jesus, you washed me clean. You sanctified me and justified me in the your name, by the Spirit of our God! I am clean before you soaking wet in Grace and Mercy. How can I go back to the scum and grim I was living in? How can I live like the world and maintain the righteousness you have given me? Do I dare take the robe of Christ and drag it in the mud of sinful waste? No Lord, you now lead me to the empty tomb. A place where you left vacant for me, a place of faith to live in, in the hope of ressurection. Jesus, I am soaking in your grace through faith and you want me to prepare me for ressurection life. It starts now as I spiritually close the dryer door of the tomb and begin to tumble. The heat of trial and the tossing and turning of regeneration begin to dry the soul. Not only am I clean but being dried for real ressurection life coming soon. There will be a day where I will rise from death to life, as Christ will open the dryer door and receive me without wrinkle or blemish. Clean before Him because of his faithfulness. Clean before him because He washed me with his blood and dried me with the Holy Spirit. I am all starched up ready for a wedding date with Jesus, the husband of the bride of Christ. 

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