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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man.

What a waste of scripture to think Peter started a new diet in a vision from God on a rooftop. On this day, he was very hungry and God chose to use his hunger to teach him a lesson. He was taught from an early age to follow Jewish laws about food, those in Lev. 11. He was to separate what was clean and unclean meats to eat. In this vision he received from God he saw all kinds of animals and birds; and was told to eat them. He responded saying no, many of these animals are unclean. The voice of God responded three times for emphasis for Peter to understand this was not about food. The animals are all clean, do not say any are unclean. Though Gentiles ate all kinds of meats that Jews thought were unclean, doesn't mean the Gospel doesn't belong to the foreigner or stranger. What a blessing to the world it would be, to call no human unclean because of nationality, color of skin, or even food preference. That the Holy Spirit, the gift of Christ would fall on anyone who believes in Jesus Christ the Son of God! Having a willingness to hear the Gospel and receive the forgiveness it offers. I pray that you don't burp at the end of this message and practice religious gluttony or restraint, this is not the point. But pass the plate of mercy and love to your hungry neighbor, who has only tasted unclean food and is in need of clean food found only in Christ.

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