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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man.

The wind of the Spirit blows and no one knows where it comes from. We know as Christians though that it leads to the throneroom and hallways of heaven. There is also a wind of evil desires that lead you to filthy places, where sin and death abound. The smell of rot and diseased souls permeate the air. You are left to a bitter  isolation, a kind of  hopeless quarantine in your own thoughts and guilty conscience. But the aroma of Christ blows sweet spirit and life to your soul! The Holy Spirit is oxygen to your inner man, allowing you to receive spiritual life from the tree of life Himself. Following the wind of evil leaves you in a dark place were the fire of consequence is never quenched. Every day is a windy day. Let's choose today to breathe in the living word and follow the Holy Spirit's exhale where ever He leads. Study John 6:63

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