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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man

The dice are rolling, the cards are being dealt, and men's decisions are being made. Flipping a coin can end arguments, settle disputes, and keep opponents at bay. And by this logic people think that everything that happens is by chance. God still controls every outcome and this cannot be explained for it is a mystery of the things of God. Things happen, and we do not always know why. We as Christians have the Holy Spirit as our guide, and we are lead by faith and not by chance. Bringing our petitions to the Lord is the opposite of the lottery in this world. Your odds to win the worlds lottery are near to impossible. But to God each prayer is worth an infinite amount and according to his will he will see it through. Every prayer has a chance to strike it big for the Kingdom of God, it only takes faith of any amount to bring God's favor. Lets match our prayers to the will of God and we will see big rewards not only on Earth but in Heaven. Study Prov. 16:33

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