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Oh To Wise Meditations

Oh Lord help me to understand your commands. Make clear to me your precepts so that I share with others the truth of your word. You have taught me since I was young, now that I am older I see so many things you were right about. The guiding principles of your word reflect on all the miracles you have done in my life. There are so many paths of deceit in the pursuit of wisdom, please take the way of evil from me and teach me the law of your word. Jesus, please keep deception and lies far away from me. Give me neither poverty nor wealth. Feed me with the food that I need just for today. I can be selfish Lord when I have too much blessing and deny your provision. I can also be so foolish that I justify sinful acts and take your name in vain. I do not want to forget you in my life. When you entered my life I became full and satisfied and I do not want to grow proud and forget you. I yearn to know your plan for my life. Let me not rush ahead but stay close in relationship with you. I want your word to be the answers to all my problems.

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