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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man

People are looking at the damage you have caused whether or not your value exceeds the repair of your life. They may say that your life has been totaled because of the damaged you have sustained to your soul. That you do not deserve another chance at a job, marriage, education, etc. So many people are walking around with wrecked lives and are running on fumes. Jesus is the ultimate combination of insurance and collision repair. Any person that has been left for junk or spare parts he is willing and able to repair. He has put the deposit down through Holy Spirit for any repair needed in someones life. He excepts all to come with there imperfections, like cracked windshields, smashed doors, and bent bumpers. Its amazing what the Lord can do with holy fire in one hand and your broken spirit in the other hand. People come limping in to the body shop of Christ and leave transformed with a new purpose and engine for life.  Study Ps. 102:17

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