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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man

It's all about the kidneys. It's what keeps your spiritual blood clean. You were dying from the impurity of your sins, nothing but evil desires flowing through your heart and mind. Your spiritual kidneys had given out, and your spirit could not strive to keep the body alive in sin. Praise be to God Jesus came and gave us his kidney. Through his kidney, the Holy Spirit, we are able to remove evil waste from our minds. Stop the flow of addictions we struggle with in the flesh. Provide balance in our lives to the point where we start to see victory over our sins. Having a pure holy stream flowing through our inner man. The world wants to hook you up to a dialysis machine and keep you a slave to your own evil desires. Jesus wants give you a heart of flesh so that Holy Spirit can flow streams of living water in you. What supernatural kidneys we have. Study Psalms 51:10

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