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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

While in meditation and prayer at church the Lord showed me a small fire. I followed this tiny blaze as it traveled through a thick darkness and void. All of sudden it joined into a huge fireball exploding with glittering sparks of power. Like a continual firework illumating the darkness, it open my ears as I heard a crackling of intense heat. I then came back to my seat continuing in worship realizing the power of his Presence. The first thought that came to my mind was my sandals were burning, I need to take them off. My heart is blazing from inspiration I need to get closer to his fiery presence. Jesus I need your robe of righteousness to approach your consuming fire. You have startled me now with this thought. With fire in your eyes this fireball of your Presence is coming towards me. I am trying to come to you covered by your Grace, but I see you coming to me. I am but star about to get run over a giant Sun! Lord, consume me with your Presence let me not be afraid of the smoke and thunder of your power! The Holy Spirit in me has made me a walking firework! Oh Lord to be wise in this: I am a frail bush withering away but your Spirit keeps me from burning up. I am not consumed but made new. I am not a bush anymore but growing into a giant tree of righteousness. My leaves are burning and my branches are on fire. Yet I do not smell like the smoke of judgment. That is because Jesus is my root, he is my vine, he is providing refreshment through living water from the throneroom of God! I am walking tree of righteousness on fire with presence of Christ in me. Meditate Ex. 24:17

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