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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

As a life guard you need to be able to handle your own weight as well as the weight of others. In deep waters there will souls that are drowning, and will need someone to bring them to safety. We once where lost in deep waters of sin and Christ pulled us out of fiery judgment and brought us into the safety dry land. He is the rock on which we stand and protection from raging seas of sin. He wants us to be his fishers of men, his disciples made in his image. We are to be like lifeguards to those in troubled waters. Carrying them with the floating device of faith to the rock of Christ. So many people are drowning in their sins and problems, they need to find dry land in Christ and rest upon the knowledge of their salvation. We must be able to swim faithfully in dark waters and not be succumbed by temptation. Woe to the life guard who jumps in after a poor soul drowning in sin and drowns himself in the same sin. Even in our failures the Lord will not let you bear this weight alone. Call out to Him and he will send another life guard to pull you out. The body of Christ cares for each member, and will lift up each other's burden to God for healing and strength to bear. Lord Jesus, help me be the best lifeguard I can be. To stay alert of the open seas and bring someone to the safety of your love and grace. Meditate Gal. 6:1

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