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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man

Swim in the word. Take a swim daily in the deep waters of the Holy Bible. Backstroking and forwardstroking through the pages of scripture. Be careful not to go too deep in the waters of legalism that you drown out your spirit. But also be careful that you do not swim your way out of the waters of grace in which the Lord has provided. Put on your goggles of faith and begin to swim in the word at a steady pace. The key to good swimming in the word is your spiritual breathing. Stay in constant breathing of the Holy Spirit. Praying continually in the Spirit as you navigate through the word of God. The word has become dry to many swimmers because they are drained inside. Only through a faith relationship with Christ can living water stir within you and bring the word of God to life. You will see the waters of the Spirit begin to move your spirit from a dry and barren state of mind, to rivers of life flowing within you. You start to kick your feet and move your arms, doing good works because you are obeying the word of God in your life. What once was barely a puddle in your life, the scriptures have become an ocean of spirit and life to you. Long gone are the days of producing empty wells in our bible studies. You have become a wellspring for living water to flow from Jesus and into your heart. Scripture is alive in you! The Living Word is alive in you! Swim free in the pages of scripture and explore the waters of abundant life in Christ. Study Is. 12:3

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