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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

I saw in the news a story about a speed trap set by police go wrong. The police had to step up surveillance in an area to catch aggressive drivers that had been speeding. A fellow driver realized this and put a sign before the speed trap that said, police ahead. The police didn't realize this and were shocked when all of a sudden there was safe flowing traffic in the area they were monitoring. They found out later about the police sign and how it got people to slow down. Amazing how human nature reacts to the presence of authority more than a random law on a sign. Maybe we would do better in overcoming sin in our lives if we realized Jesus is up ahead, and not try to get around the signs of basic moral law. Lord help me to respect the boundary of your word. Not just the words on the page but your presence living inside me. Let me see the sign of the Cross before I continue to avoid signs from your Word. The words posted for me to steer me away from destruction and bring me safely to my eternal home. Meditate John 12:32

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