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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

When we sin we have put ourselves on shaky ground. What we think is level is actually unstable for a faithful life. Before we realize it sin has us rolling down a hill of excuses and painful sorrow. Sin will leave you in all types of spiritual terrain. There is a rocky ground that keeps us slipping and falling to where you can't get up. The pain from falling into sin keeps you from pursuing Christ. There is muddy ground that makes it impossible for you to keep a clean conscience. The more you walk in regret and anger the more of a mess you are making in your life. The sandy ground is the most dangerous of them all. Where you are literally sinking in sand not realizing your sins are destroying you. You are trying to kick out from bondage but your legs are stuck, your arms are stuck. Sin has a total body control over you and wants to consume all your desires. Many people don't realize sin is choking there spiritual life to death. There head is almost in sinking sand and they have no idea until they have sunk there lives away. Christ needs to be our cornerstone. Our refuge to go to when we have fallen on evil terrain. He has given us solid ground in the Gospel so we can stay balanced in our faith. Stand your ground putting on the belt of truth and the body armor of God's righteousness. You have built this new life upon the rock of Christ, and by faith in him we will stand. Lord, thank you for making every valley high and every mountain low, so I can run safely into your arms. Meditate Ps. 26:12

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