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Proverbs of a 35 yr old man

We go through extreme temperatures in our faith while facing different seasons of trials at the same time. When trials get fiery like the summer heat, God provides the fan of Holy Spirit to keep us alive in spirit and dead to sin. You see when a ceiling fan is moving counter clockwise, it is pulling the heat up and bringing cool air down from the ceiling. In the scorch of trial, God refreshes the soul by blowing a fresh breeze of spirit and life into our hearts. Providing comfort to help us endure through intense tribulation. When trials get harsh like the winter cold, God provides the fan of Holy Spirit to thaw out our hearts and stay alive in Christ. You see when a ceiling fan is moving clockwise, it is pulling the freezing cold air up and bring warm air down from the ceiling. During harsh trial God's love warms our hearts from the hardening of sin. Keeping us with a fleshy heart that burns with Holy Spirit. No matter what season you are facing it is ok to be hot or cold in faith. If you are hot, you will be sustained. If your are cold, God can light a fire in you like a light switch. But if you are warm in faith you are susceptable to all the elements because you will trust more in your own provisions than the Lord's. Without God you will freeze with your jacket of many holes. Without God you will see their is no relief, finding yourself naked and exposed before hot searing jugdment.

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