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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Everything still has purpose in a meaningless world. Though our world is subject to sin and death, so many things shout out to us eternal life. Both the big and small things cry out meaning and purpose. Trees cover our earth and are important to our survival on here on earth. They provide oxygen for us by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing Gods sweet elixir of life. Clouds animate our skies and act as barriers for heat moving in and out of the earth's atomosphere. Look even at the tiny mosquito, it has its purpose under the sun. They actually pollinate plants and and take in blood to make their eggs. God has done great things both big and small. On the Cross, though it looked like an insignficant death. Jesus was bearing the sins of mankind. A God of purpose made sure we had meaning in this life. Though we all die one day like Christ we will all live again in Christ. There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven. Our greatest purpose in these times is to get to know our Saviour by faith. Such a great salvation that many consider to be a small endeavor. It wil take eternity to fully know how deep, how wide, and how high the love of God is! That being said, no sacrifices can be made for people who decide to sin after they find out about the truth. They are God's enemies, and all they can look forward to is a terrible judgment and a furious fire. If two or more witnesses accused someone of breaking the Law of Moses, that person could be put to death. But it is much worse to dishonor God's Son and to disgrace the blood of the promise that made us holy. And it is just as bad to insult the Holy Spirit, who shows us mercy. We know that God has said he will punish and take revenge. We also know that the Scriptures say the Lord will judge his people. It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living God! Everything the LORD has made has its destiny; and the destiny of the wicked is destruction. Our purpose and destiny are tied to Jesus, we have a living hope that we can hold onto right now.

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