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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

You have got to start trusting God all the way to the end. If we are to grow as believers we cannot lose hope when what we prayed for has not happened yet. Only in a sovereign way can we understand God does not cause trouble to happen to us. No matter what the circumstance, we must trust that God can use these troubles to help us grow as mature children of God. Do not go down the rabbit hole debating the why question. Only the how question, how can the Lord be praised in the worst of times. I am not saying just to be positive all the time, but I am saying that God is Good all the time, I will not be moved. When I ask God for something, I must trust him completely. Any other ideas that I mix in will not work, ask Abraham. I should not think that I will receive anything from the Lord if I sway like a boat in rough waters. We need to be still in waters of grace so that we can be lead by the Spirit and not the rockus flesh. Remember that every good gift comes to us from God. Our Father in heaven knows what we need, and He only does what will help us. An evil father knows how to give good gifts to his children, but it might not be beneficial to them. The children would rather want the evil father's attention than all the toys of the world. Our Father in heaven gives us himself, promising to give us more of Holy Spirit whenever we ask. And when we ask for anything in the Jesus name, he will make sure it is according to his will and purpose for your life. His gifts are safe to open for all ages, young and old, and Christ is the greatest gift of all. Open up your heart and receive him now. Study Romans. 15:13

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