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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man.

The large majority will always be in the middle. All it takes is a couple to the go to the right or to the left for many to follow. The world is racing towards destruction, falling into the abyss of sin and death. But the righteous are growing daily, learning to live in the light of his presence before they are with the Lord. When people see our transformed hearts and lives they can't help but get off the fence and make a choice of which way they will go. In the middle is where you will find many people on their position of Christ. It is a safe and dangerous place to be. When Jesus comes again he will separate the sheep from the goats. The fence was never an option but was grace until you made a choice for him. Unfortunately being in the middle about Christ, leaves you in the desert of the goats. The sheep are in green pastures restored in their souls.

While goats can indeed perform acts of kindness and charity, their hearts are not right with God, and their actions are not for the right purpose, which is to honor and worship God. Let's make sure we are not straying from the pastures, living in no man's land. The desert of goats is not that far off, you might be in a spiritual mirage not realizing you are in the middle. Study Matt. 25:31-46 

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