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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Lord, trials around me feel like a spinning hurricane. I know they are coming my way at some point, yet I never know the level of intensity it will come with. How wide the bands of trouble will extend to bring havoc into my life. There is a quiet place you have provided for me in the middle of life's storms. You say draw near and you will draw even closer to me. In your presence is fullness of joy and pleasure. Where the winds and the rain swirl around me instead of right over me. Because of Grace I can stand in the eye of the storm, it is where God keeps his eye on the sparrow. The Lord takes pleasure in his people; he honors the humble with victory. Though everything around is chaos and trouble, there is peace that surpasses understanding in me. In this special place is where God will prepare a table for our enemies. Giving us the opportunity to love our enemies as ourselves. Through the power of Christ in us we can weather any storm that comes our way. The key is find the eye of the storm in the midst of trial. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. He is our shelter from the storm. The calm, quiet eye of the storm plays a part in how trials take shape. God is in control of the wind and the rain, and he will rebuke it as he sees fit. We need to grow our relationship with Christ so our faith can withstand the water breaking over in our boat. Jesus does care that we are perishing, that is why He gave his life to save us from death. Realize as Jesus calms the sea and the wind, he is speaking to you as well. Be still, and know he is God. He is with us in our boat of life. He is invested in our lives and will never forsake us.

Meditate Mark 4:38-40

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