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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man.

Be perfect unto maturity. As a child I remember my father disciplining me many times for doing something wrong. On this one occasion, I was very angry and said in my heart as well as with my mouth, I hate you. I could tell it affected him and years later we talked about it. I asked for his forgiveness and he admitted he was hurt. He was doing the best he knew how as a godly earthly father. I could not understand at the time many of the things he reproved me for, but years later I was able to say I loved him. I loved him because as I matured I saw a lot of the things he said proved right.The Christian calling is not a calling to perfection but to maturity. It is a calling to remain uncomfortably with our imperfections so that God’s glory can shine all the more powerful. Jesus expectations of his disciples is a whole life transformation of walking in the law of his word, not the just the letter but the spirit. Just squeaking through by doing certain things is not enough. We need total submission to Christ. A good earthly father wants his children to mature. Abba Father wants the same from us, to spiritually mature and know Him. Study 1 Cor. 14:20 

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