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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Lord, we are living in the days where everyone does what is right in their own eyes. Many people do not want to live for God anymore, not even give respect the authority of his word. Misusing the name of the Lord by carelessly using the good things he has made for evil. The world is in a chaotic period that has been labouring for centuries in sin and death. The groans of the earth and everything in it are getting louder. It cries out for justice and freedom knowing the labor pains are getting closer to the coming of Christ. We are a danger to ourselves and to those around us if we only live for ourselves. Living to please our sinful flesh rather than be our brother or sisters keeper. In selfish desire we disown our families and neglect care for our own. Yes, even the stranger suffers because no one cares for the orphan or the widow. Everyone judges themselves and no one judges each other. Therefore no one can reason with other and see if they are in the wrong. When we don't have the law of God what standard are we following? It is a slippery slope that can get out of control quickly, if we trust in man and not the word of God. Like in the days of Judges in Israel is it is in our world today. It does not take much for a generation to fall away into sin and destruction. Jesus, save us from complete disaster and let love floods the streets again on our cities. Not a prideful love, but a humble love that comes from heaven and into hearts. A love so strong that brings peace to all the hearts in the land. Knowing that all is right with the world when God is in our midst. Meditate Judges 17:6

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