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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

Sunken teeth. The guilt of my sins feels like blood all over me. I know soon that it will attract the prowling enemy of my soul. When he smells my fear and failure he will pounce on me at once, I know it! Look, there he is, I told you so, run save yourselves! He has divided me from the pack, from the people that I love. I am all by myself and he has cornered me in my own emotions. I am left for dead, my sins have consumed me! The enemy has locked his jaw on my neck, I feel his nostrils breathing fear into me. His sunken teeth are crushing my windpipe, I am not able to spiritually breath and reason within myself. He has dragged me to his feeding hole where other unclean spirits can devour my life. With baded breath I asked the Lord Jesus save me, forgive me, just this one time and I will follow you all the days of my life! Just as soon as I finished saying that, a rock nailed the enemy in his face. And another one and another one. Then a wooden rod smacked the enemy and knocked him off his feet, releasing me in the process. He ran like a wounded dog along with all his demons even though no one was chasing them. I looked up at the hill from where my help comes from, and it was Jesus, the Shepherd of my soul! He came to me and picked me up saying, where are your accusers? I said, Lord they are gone, you saved me from certain death and destruction! Then He said to me, go back to the ones you love and sin no more, before something worse happens to you. Remember, I am always watching and praying for you, I am the true lover of your soul! I saw Satan fall from heaven like lightning, and he will soon be a dead dog under your feet. Study 1 Peter 5:8 

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