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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man.

All that remains. After the dust has settled and the storm has passed. 

I am looking through the rubble of whats left of my life, and all that remains is faith, hope, and love. I still have faith, the gift of God that gives me assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. I still have hope as an anchor for my life. It is safe and sure, and goes through the curtain of the heavenly temple into the inner sanctuary. Jesus has gone there ahead of us, and he is our high priest forever, just like Melchizedek. The greatest of these that still remains is love. I know and rely on the love God has for me. God is love. I live in his love and his love lives in me. What's left of my life I can live it abundantly. I will scrape the bottom of the barrel for the honey of God's word. Until all that remains is an empty soul ready to be filled with eternal life.

Study 1 Cor. 13:13 

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