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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

There are so many people that walk barefoot in this world. Exposing themselves to the harsh terrain of sin and death. Living lives as fugitives and wanderers apart from the grace of God. Sin has been dealt with though, the blood of Christ has reconciled humanity with God. So many prodigal sons and daughters the Father is calling back home. He is providing clothing and proper attire, removing our dirty rags marked with condemnation. Giving us new hope, new life, and new shoes to walk in faith and not by sight. No longer do we walk with our heads down but with our eyes towards heaven. Christ has given us his comfort insoles so we can walk in the peace he offers. This will give us a readiness to announce the Good News of Jesus Christ. Make ever effort to lace your shoes up so that you do not stumble over yourself. Your shoes may come untied from time to time even if doubled knotted. Grace is there in Christ, let your Heavenly Father tie your shoes. He wants to be a good good father if only you would let him. It has been said that you can tell alot about your heart by your feet. Take care of your feet. Study Proverbs 4:23 

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