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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

What are you living for? When you have a chance, sit down and think about what is your purpose and mission in life. Its crazy knowing that tommorrow is never a guarantee, and that your past does not have to define you. How you live your life defines the type of person you want to be. Some people live for God’s glory, for honor, and for life that has no end. They live for those things by always continuing to do good. God will give life forever to them. But other people are selfish and refuse to follow truth. They follow evil. God will give them his punishment and anger. He will give trouble and suffering to everyone who does evil. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised. There are so many things to live for in this life we are given. The question everyday we face is will we live for God or ourselves. In our own strength I think it is impossible to do so. Jesus will equip us with all that is good to do His will, working in us what is pleasing in His sight. Be patient and trust the Lord. Don't let it bother you when all goes well for those who do sinful things. It is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord. Living for God is a day by day wak in faith. Don't rush your life in Christ, enjoy every moment your alive for soon you will see Jesus face to face. Lord, teach me to live in way of righteousness, strengthen me to live in truth, and show me how to have life and purpose. Meditate Ps.146:2

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