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Proverbs of 36 yr old man.

If you do not listen to God, God will eventually stop listening to you. He refuses to hear your prayers when you constantly and openly refuse to do what is right. Sin has become ear plugs to where your mind is unfruitful and delusional. Listening to other voices that have bad intentions for your life. When we constantly associate with bad companions, soon we lose the companionship of God. The advice of a fool makes more sense to you than the holy word of God. Be a imitater of the word and avoid the habits of fools. This will keep revelation open in your heart and mind. With revelation we can have a vision for our lives and not stray from it. When people have no revealed word from God, they cast off restraint, running wild as they please. Stay open to the voice of Christ, He is the living word revealed to us. Only in him can we truly hear the voice of God and be blessed.

Meditate John 9:31 

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