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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man.

Spent everything. There is nothing I held back from, I gave my heart totally to the evil things of this world. Enjoying every minute of it not realizing how empty of soul it would leave me. How it would rob me of my dignity and my joy. Of course when I spent everything, my heart, my time, and my money. Famine came into my life and dried up my bones. Losing everything I sinfully gained and leaving me with the bread of idleness. Sitting alone in my thoughts wishing for redemption, Jesus came and brought me back to my senses. Through his love he spent everything for me, so I could see my true worth. To get out of my pigpen of a life horribly spent in evil desires. And pursue my way back home to the Father having faith in Christ love for me. Living for righteous desires I can gain back my life and spend it for Jesus. And when I arrive to my Father's house I know He will greet me with favor putting a ring on my finger, a robe to cover my shame, and sandals to walk in peace. It is worth it to have spent everything for the Glory of God. Study Luke 15:14

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