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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

The sloth's lifestyle is so slow that algae begins to grow in its fur over time. It develops a green tint where many insects like ticks and mites make a home. Being filthy, covered in algae also camouflages them up in the trees keeping them isolated and away from many predators. The enemy has many people isolated away in the filth and darkness of their sins. Almost like a green tint over their hearts and minds, the stench of their attitudes pushes people away from them. Causing all kinds of fowl spirits to leech, squat, and prey upon the helpless soul. Many of us live a lifestyle that is not pleasing to the Lord. Jesus sees you up in the trees blending in with sin and death. He has compassion for you, in fact, the Lord is good to all;his mercy

is over all that he has made. He is not put off by the stench of your sins but wants you come down with him to dwell in the trees of righteousness. To leave behind our old way of living and enter the newness of life found in relationship with Christ. I see Jesus carrying down many souls from dark and musky places! Amen.

Study Ps. 145:9

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