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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Living with the curse. Everything God created was good and very good. Humanity was its crowning achievement, made a little lower than the angels but were made in the image of God. According to the Genesis record, because of one man's sin death came to all creation. God cursed the serpent for its part in deceiving, and also God cursed the land that humanity was made from. What Adam and Eve knew about provision and protection from God was changed, beginning a new journey for the human race of exile and separation from God. Think about it, coming generations would never know the real presence of God on a cool day. They would never know the purity of life, so pure that only Adam and Eve would know what it is to be naked and not ashamed. Humanity has been shackled to a life of hardship and struggle only to then die. God told Adam, "the ground is cursed because of you. All your life you will struggle to scratch a living from it." How are we as descendants of our first parents suppose to live with this curse? Remember everything God created was good and very good, and God has blessed every person on this earth with his image. Ever since Adam and Eve, the sin nature of humanity has been passed down and perverted through so many generations. I think if Adam and Eve could see what has become of their simple disobedience into unspeakable sins, they would be insufferable. People feel divided from there Creator, from this earth, and from each other. This is why God sent His Son Jesus to die on the Cross, to lift the curse of death and make children of God. Born again from incorruptible seed, not from human means, but by the Holy Spirit. Yes, the supernatural power of God renewing hearts and minds in this cursed riddled world. Jesus has condemned this evil world and everything in it to hell and judgment prepared for the devil and his angels. God is making all things new through the life found in Jesus Christ. Soon the curse will be lifted and a new heavens and new earth will appear. Till then though we are living in a cursed world where sin and death abounds, grace abounds much more. God has made provision for us by giving us the deposit of His personal presence in us. He also has provided protection for our souls through the blood of Christ removing our guilt and fear of death. Do not settle with making the best out of things handed to you in this life. Realize the victory that Jesus has given has already overcome this world. We as believers today have heard the true message, the Good News that brings salvation. And when we believed in Christ, and God put his stamp of ownership on us by giving us the Holy Spirit he had promised. We become children of the light no longer living in the curse of darkness. What a blessing to bear witness to the light and not live according to the curse.

Meditate Rev. 22:3

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