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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

Hurricane love. I see this huge hurricane and it is twirling violently. I can feel it's thunderous rip on the ground and on everything around me. Spinning so majestically, yet so dangerous and powerful. As I get closer I notice it's getting slower and slower, allowing me to get press in towards it. Then I hear the voice of the Lord calling out to me, enter into my rest. There in the eye of the storm everything else fades away. All my worries and fears are blown away. I can't explain the supernatural strength felt as soon as I enter into the eye, the power of God's love overwhelms me! Overcomed by the strength of spirit  provided, I am like a deeply rooted tree bowed low in His Presence. Deeply invigorated by spirit and life, I can rise above the storm to experience the hurricane love of God.

Study Ps. 29:10-11 

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