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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Ouch Lord, I want to scratch the itch for sin so bad. But I know it will pull the scab of grace off my sinful wound that is over my heart. Through Christ I have been healed of a broken heart, but it is still tender with the close presence of love and mercy. My flesh wants to open that wound quickly again, but Holy Spirit wants to slowly heal me. Leaving not even a scar behind just a brand new heart of flesh! God wants to heal me completely, but I would rather let the pain of sin relax me and coddle me. A mere flesh wound can cause an infection and kill my spirit. Even the littlest of sins can bring disaster into my life. I need to spend time in relationship with Christ and let the scab of grace heal. Praise be to God that scars are proof that God heals. Some wounds heal but leave scars behind. Let them remind you that Jesus has scars on his hands for you. He is our healer and strength, the hope for the wounded heart. Meditate Is. 53:5

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