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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Protect my mind. My mind will make me or break me. No one else knows what I am thinking. No else knows what are my motives. People can't see what I receive and don't receive into my mind. Though many may try to conform you to their ways, no one can force you to change. Yes, you will pick up bad habits from people but what you choose to think about is your choice. What you allow into your mind shapes the kind of heart you will have. God is the only one that can meet you in this sacred place. He created you and gave you a conscious. And this special place God wants to be enthroned. He will not force you to let him in, but through relationship with Jesus God takes up residence. When your mind is set on things above and not earthly things, you protect yourself from the decay of this sinful world. Our minds get dull with worldly thinking, we need the Mind of Christ to sharpen us as iron sharpens iron. Protect your mind by keeping your eyes of faith on what is in front of you, looking straight before you. And what is in front of you? It is Jesus Christ our Lord. He will protect our minds as we watch the path of his feet. His life is the light of humanity, the light unto our paths. Study Ps. 101:3

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