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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Nobody is able to find truth by there own intellect or power. God is the only infallible source of truth. It has stood the test of time enduring through the centuries. Facing different cultures and societies the perfect word of God has thrived in the hearts of humanity. Think of all the amazing things the wisdom of the word of God has done through human civilization. Reformed generations and kingdoms, hospitals and schools built, and revival in the hearts of man are just a couple that come to mind. Those who trust in God and his word are protected like a shield over them. There is no need to add or take away, just be in Gods word and He will change you from the inside out. Even changes those around you, through the power of Gods love in you. His word will preserve you in a world of decaying values. Keeping falsehood and lies far from you having an integrity that comes from knowing Christ. Relying on God to provide for daily necessities, not needing to much or too little. This only coming from a renewed mind in the word of God. May we never be so blessed that we forget the word of God. And may we never be so poor that we steal from others and dishonor God. Gods word is enough. The living word in us is more than enough for victory. We have everything we need for life and godliness found in the word of God. Let us hold on to our faith in the word of God and allow it to transform us into the Image of Christ for future generations. Meditate Prov. 30:7-9 

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